«Sofas, armchairs, beds ‘n chairs» … — Ugh…senseless words, items with no special role, place or value in our lives.
A perfect interior overflows with emotion.
«I love…»
«I hate…»

— a decorator’s dialogue with his client begins with these very words.
These very words help turn an absolute abyss into your and only, your space.
Even the most reserved person can hardly omit these words when discussing an interior.
Restraint, calmness, confidence, or virtuosity — these are metaphors applicable to the individual as well as to… interiors.
Whenever a persons wish to discuss an interior, they always start with themselves. Their fads, likes, dislikes, extravangances and eccentricities — equally characterize an interior…so the color of the walls will evolve, and already it will be the one that you will want to live in. Neither is wrong, but it is simply a question of being tuned into your own wave…. And only then will it be harmonised into a mutual understanding.
The rest of it is then down to pure technique: upholsteries, coverings, furniture, textiles, shades and the other details will appear for themselves.

………and so you will have a beloved House.

Then, when you say goodbye to us you will say: «I am happy».

And our answer to you will be: «And we are happy too!»